December 13th, 2009

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good things about madrid:

1 its got the Best Park in The World, the Retiro, and I live 100 meters away from it (300 feet?dont know why i still talk american after all that happened...) (its got a chrystal palace)
And when you ride into it at 6 in the morning and the winter fog has come down it looks like a fairy tale

2 its so easy to get laid, its kind of hard not to get laid

3 I am making real money here for the first time ever, and i get to pay other people's beers, sandwiches and others

4 there's always tons of people in the street, just chilling, drinking, eating, having fun

5 even tho its not really supposed to be a bike friendly place, its tons of fun to ride in, and the car drivers are never mean

5 amazing ancient art everywhere

6 amazing comic book and record stores too

7Anytime at night, anywhere, theres a chinese person holding a can of beer in the sewer for you

8 Most cosmopolitan city ever inspite being the most provintial. Beats NY any time.

bad things about madrid

1. No sea. Makes me crave Tenerife and south east asia at the same time, really intensely. Sweat. Smell of fish. Motion sicknes. Hmmmmm....

2 the wanton sex thing gets old quick. Everyone is so wised up about it, its almost a joke. Feels like a silent movie romance all the time, all sped up and meaningless.

3. you are not here, tho you said you were coming

4. thats it really, but the bad things are kind of strong.