slime_slime_sly (slime_slime_sly) wrote,

Then at lunch all the girls told horror stories. About Sol's sister getting beat up by her ex-boyfriend, then probably losing the trial this week and tons of money she can't afford because he is the son of a politician. About Sol herself covering her face with every imaginable accessory every time she took the train in Berlin, to avoid her psychopath exboyfriend who took her as the reincarnation of her sister whom she saw die.About Nuria's dad getting diagnosed alzheimers this week and not recognizing her and on another occasion jumping on a swimming pool with his clothes on for imaginary reasons,for thinking someone was drowning who actually wasn't, then being embarrased and wet as his wife picked him up. How he had a life of adventure, sailing and boozing and grabbing his wife's bum and now he's paying for it with every imaginable pain of old age. Then about shoes and boys, and laughter again. Girls are never afraid to talk about the darkest things, and they can then flip the page. Im still there in that swimming pool. Girl talk is scary.
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